E-learning platform with a database of more than 200 ready-made training session

Manage the knowledge and employee development within the organisation. Onboarding, creating e-learning courses, tests or surveys and much more in one system.
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over 200 ready-made e-learning courses

By choosing Dolineo, you will get the access to a constantly growing library of more than 200 ready-made e-learning courses. There are 6 areas available to you: personal development, customer service, sales, management, safety and work planning. The top quality of the training materials is the result of the joint work of subject matter experts and the Smart Education team.

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Baza szkoleń e-learningowych Dolineo

Onboarding of employees

Create onboarding paths – for both a company and individual work positions to provide every new employee with the access to the same structured knowledge. You will provide all the information about the company, its values, procedures or products in one place.

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Sprawny onboarding pracowników dzięki platformie e-learningowej Dolineo

Wizard to create your own training courses

Thanks to an intuitive wizard, you can easily create your own training courses, e.g., procedural, product or onboarding courses, and make them available to selected or all employees. Designate experts within your organisation who will share their knowledge with others.
Kreator do tworzenia szkoleń e-learningowych

Surveys and knowledge tests

With built-in test and survey wizards, you can easily test your employees’ knowledge or gauge their opinion or level of job satisfaction. You can use our ready-made templates or design everything yourself.
Kreator testów oraz ankiet na platformie e-learningowej Dolineo

Find out how Dolineo will solve your problems

High rotation, high cost of hiring and onboarding of employees

Find out how moving the onboarding process to an e-learning platform can streamline your operations by, e.g., reducing the employee rotation as well as costs or time of onboarding.

Scattered teams and lack of unified knowledge among employees

Learn how to standardise the knowledge of the entire team within an organisation with a dispersed structure and how to implement internal standards in all departments of your company.

High costs and complex logistics of organising classroom training courses

See how the platform can streamline your company’s training processes and ensure the development of your workforce, while optimising employees’ work time and reducing costs.

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How can Dolineo help your company or institution?

Employee development

Raise the level of knowledge and competence of your employees. Provide them with the quick online access to, e.g., valuable training in various areas, information about the company, products, procedures or internal standards. Use ready-made development paths or create your own.
Rozwój pracowników na platformie e-learningowej Dolineo

Knowledge standardisation

Standardise employee knowledge by sharing information about internal processes and products. Maintain equal standards and improve customer service quality. Provide the quick access to knowledge resources.
Standaryzacja wiedzy przy pomocy platformy szkoleniowej Dolineo

Employee onboarding

With Dolineo, you can independently create onboarding paths and quickly communicate key information about company procedures, products or standards. Effective implementation and onboarding of new employees increases their commitment and identification with the company, which will also reduce employee rotation.
Onboarding wdrożenie pracowników - platforma Dolineo

Distributed and remote teams

Use Dolineo to optimise the time and costs of managing a remote or distributed organisational structure. It provides a secure way to transfer unified knowledge to all employees and improve their competencies from any device, anywhere and at any time.
Rozproszone i zdalne zespoły - zarządzanie wiedzą na platformie Dolineo

Knowledge management and reporting

Assign selected training or development paths to individual employees, groups of employees or all employees. Quickly share knowledge about changes or novelties, and then monitor the progress and verify the gained knowledge.
Zarządzanie wiedzą - platforma szkoleniowa Dolineo
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