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An informed workforce enhances your organisation’s IT security. Choose a Cyber Security e-learning training package.
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The Cyber Security training package addresses the three most relevant areas in IT security: information security in the era of cyber threats (6 knowledge pills), email security, and business equipment security (passwords, accesses). Increase your employees’ knowledge and awareness today!
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Learn how to safely use email, business equipment – PCs, phones, flash drives, printers, IT systems (passwords, access), social media, confidential information. Employees will learn about the dangers of malicious software. They will learn how to use e-mail safely. They will learn how to prevent spam.
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Without putting themselves at risk, employees will see the potential consequences of neglecting Web security issues. They will learn how to protect critical resources on business PCs. They will become aware of the magnitude of the risks associated with the cyberspace. They will be able to implement good information protection practices.
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Generate a certificate (PDF) confirming your participation in the training.
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We can launch the training in three variants:

  1. making training available on the Dolineo platform for a certain number of employees for a certain period of time;
  2. transfer the SCORM package based on a perpetual license to your employees – an option for companies having own e-learning platform;
  3. Dolineo annual subscription – providing access to the entire platform with a library of more than 200 ready-made training courses.

Launch training for your employees as quickly as within 48h after purchase! For variants 1 and 3, the price also includes: the first import of users, sending invitations, the ability to download a PDF certificate confirming participation, access to the reports module.

Uruchomienie szkolenia e-learningowego cyberbezpieczeństwo

Information Security training

Cyber Security training for employees of companies and institutions provides knowledge regarding protection of critical resources on business PCs, the scale of threats associated with the cyberspace, as well as teaches skills related to, e.g., implementation of good data protection practices.

During the training, employees will learn about the dangers of malicious software. They will learn how to use e-mail safely. They will learn how to prevent spam. They will learn about safe use of electronic equipment. They will learn how to create and store passwords securely. They will learn how to protect themselves from phishing and how to use social media safely.

Discover the advantages of Dolineo e-learning training courses


Practical knowledge

Developed in cooperation with the best experts, the training is regularly updated and upgraded.

Interesting form

Training courses including case studies, trivia, examples, difficult situations and exercises to consolidate correct attitudes.

It will work for sure

PCs and mobile devices (HTML5), we provide SCORM or a ready-made platform.

Our clients, testimonials and case studies

E-learning training tailored to your needs

Ready-made training courses

For the past 15 years, we have been providing dedicated and ready-made e-learning courses that run on a wide range of e-learning platforms – both commercial and open-source. We are not afraid of SCORM and AICC standards.
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Adapt training contents to your organisation. We will add procedures, change scenes and attach files.
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The Dolineo’s platform is a library of more than 200 ready-made training modules that allow employees to improve their skills in the areas of sales, customer service, soft skills, managerial skills, and security. Dolineo also provides the opportunity to share knowledge by creating and sharing training content, tests or surveys yourself.
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