GDPR e-learning course

GDPR, the EU Data Protection Regulation in the form of an online training course available both at SCORM and on Dolineo e-learning platform.
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The GDPR course was developed together with an expert and is continuously updated. It is aimed at employees of medium and large companies and institutions. The training covers many practical aspects, examples, exercises, a final test and a certificate, and the time required to pass the training is below 2 hours.
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The training is designed to improve awareness of data protection. It discusses how consent for processing personal data should look like and in what situations it is required. It presents important regulations on data breach reporting. It covers the principles of safe and lawful transfer of data to other entities. It explains what the “right to be forgotten” is and how it will be applied in practice.
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With e-learning training, you will quickly train a large number of employees. Attractive and engaging training with exercises and a knowledge test will help you improve awareness of data protection of your employees. They will learn about data processing rules, new rights of individuals, penalties for misconduct, and more.
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Generate a certificate (PDF) confirming your participation in the training.
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We can launch the training in three variants:

  1. udostępnienie szkolenia na platformie Dolineo dla określonej liczby pracowników na określony czas;
  2. przekazanie paczki SCORM na zasadzie licencji wieczystej dla Twoich pracowników – opcja dla firm posiadających własną platformę e-learningową;
  3. roczny abonament Dolineo – udostępnienie całej platformy z biblioteką ponad 200 szkoleń gotowych.

Launch training for your employees as quickly as within 48h after purchase! For variants 1 and 3, the price also includes: the first import of users, sending invitations, the ability to download a PDF certificate confirming participation, access to the reports module.

Uruchomienie szkolenia e-learningowego Dolineo

Data protection training

Scope of GDPR e-learning course

  • What is GDPR?
  • Important roles and concepts
  • Responsibilities of controllers
  • Rights of data subjects
  • The impact of GDPR on departments in the company
  • Legal responsibility
  • Final test

Discover the advantages of Dolineo e-learning training courses


Practical knowledge

Developed in cooperation with the best experts, the training is regularly updated and upgraded.

Interesting form

Training courses including case studies, trivia, examples, difficult situations and exercises to consolidate correct attitudes.

It will work for sure

PCs and mobile devices (HTML5), we provide SCORM or a ready-made platform.

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E-learning training tailored to your needs


Nasze szkolenia gotowe powstają przy współpracy ekspertów – praktyków dziedzinowych z zespołem doświadczonych metodyków, projektantów oraz grafików. Wszystkie szkolenia oparte są o praktyczne przykłady, a wiedza merytoryczna w nich zawarta jest na bieżąco aktualizowana.
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Add knowledge specific to your organisation on products, processes, procedures, and add your own logo to off-the-shelf training courses.
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The Dolineo’s platform is a library of more than 170 ready-made training modules that allow employees to improve their skills in the areas of sales, customer service, soft skills, managerial skills, and security. Dolineo also provides the opportunity to share knowledge by creating and sharing training content, tests or surveys yourself.
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