How to quickly survey employee feedback?

The survey wizard will help you quickly verify your employees’ feedback on different issues or check their level of job satisfaction. Evaluate results, change processes, assess feedback!
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What are the benefits for your organisation of using a survey wizard?

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Use it to optimise and improve onboarding and HR processes by surveying employees. Use templates, evaluate results with reports.
Make your employees feel that their opinion counts. Build a sense of importance and belonging to your organisation among its members.
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Quickly explore feedback on any issue, even such as the best date for company integration. Create surveys using different types of questions.

Functionality, or survey wizard in a few steps

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Template database

Design a survey from scratch or use one of the available templates:

  • survey following an e-learning training,
  • survey following a classroom training,
  • survey on training needs,
  • employee engagement and satisfaction survey,
  • post onboarding survey,
  • exit survey.

Design a pool of questions

Select the type of question (including single-choice, multiple-choice, selection from a list, scale rating, choice grid, or open-ended questions), and then prepare its content with possible answers, or import everything from a file.
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Take advantage of survey wizard's capabilities

Decide whether the survey should be open or anonymous. Design a thank you message for participating in the survey. Decide on result visibility to users.

Check survey results in a report

Share the survey to selected employees/groups of employees, and then verify how individuals responded or verify overall statistics. Generate reports that can be presented to your superiors.
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