How employees' knowledge can be verified efficiently?

Use the test wizard to quickly test the knowledge and competence of your employees. Monitor progress and check results on an ongoing basis – to make sure that everyone has complete and up-to-date knowledge!
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How will the test wizard improve your organisation's workflow and impact the quality of customer service?

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Quickly examine the level of knowledge of all employees. Share the test with selected groups of employees with one click!
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Use extensive reports check which areas need improvement and perhaps more complete knowledge.
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Only employees who have up-to-date knowledge of internal procedures or products build a positive corporate image.

Functionality, or the wizard in 4 steps

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Design a pool of questions

Add questions, choosing from available types of questions (single choice, multiple choice, true/false, selection from list) and prepare possible answers. Or import questions from a file. You may choose to enable a random order for displaying questions and/or answers.

Select settings

Limit the time for completing the test or let you employees complete it at their own pace. Decide on the number of test attempts.

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Determine the conditions for passing

Set the passing threshold, decide if all questions in the pool should be displayed to the employee, and decide on the message to the employee when the test is completed.

Your test is ready

Decide when the test is to be available in the system, and have it completed by selected employees.

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